Launched in 2008, The Blackthorn Collection marks Kenneth Rowe's formal entry into luxury interior decor. Building upon his years as a sculptor and blacksmith, and his experience creating custom works for interior designers, Rowe has developed the Blackthorn Collection based on the principles of excellence in design and production.

For inspiration, Rowe draws from every creative sphere, including the avant-garde fashion of Alexander McQueen, the early jewellery work of Albert Paley, and the ocean life illustrations of Ernst Haeckel. His aesthetic has blossomed over the years as he continues to bridge the gap between sculptural experimentation and high-end furnishings. 

In a world that relies increasingly on mass produced and disposable goods, Rowe works from the premise that handmade items hold an increasingly important place in both design and decor. The Blackthorn Collection realizes this philosophy by ensuring that each piece is built by a small team of blacksmiths using traditional techniques that are impossible to reproduce through any other method.